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Called the Roav Bolt, the device plugs into a 12-volt power port and lets the driver access Google Assistant through the “OK Google” command. Once connected to the in-vehicle system through Bluetooth.

We are often asked by customers how to tell the width and thickness (distance accross the flat) of the bolt heads prior to purchase from our website. Below is a chart with the dimensions of our stocked high tensile bolts, In accordance with Australian standards. Metric high tensile, precision hexagon head bolts, screws and hexagon nuts.

5mm Metric Hex Bolts BR5X6CLZ – Hex Bolt 8.8 Zinc. BR5X6YLW – Hex Bolt 8.8 Yellow Zinc. BR5X8CLZ – Hex Bolt 8.8 Zinc. BR5X8YLW – Hex Bolt 8.8 Yellow Zinc. BR5X10CLZ – Hex bolt 8.8 zinc. br5x10ylw – Hex Bolt 8.8 Yellow Zinc. BR5X12CLZ – Hex Bolt 8.8 Zinc. BR5X12YLW – Hex Bolt 8.8 Yellow Zinc..

and a 3.5mm audio connector. Other than the compass, the SOS button and the Pogo connector, the back contains a camera sensor.

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ktm 125 duke R1200Gs Rubber Grommets 17.5 R1200GS. After installing the MAM covers I am getting a. Well technically they have a rubber seal that the shoulder goes into and expands the rubber grommet. I have seen cracked and over used.It’ll sport the same design as the RC 200, albeit with minor cosmetic changes. KTM will equip it with the same engine as the 125 Duke. Expect it to carry a price tag of around Rs 1.40 lakh.2017 suzuki sv650 M6 Bolt Diameter Suzuki are offering a low-rate finance deal on their SV650 and gsx-s1000 motorcycles. mcn Fleet: Street Glide – The Empire Strikes Back Get On at Carole Nash MCN Festival 2017 Ride review: Biketek.youngs modulus of aluminium 6061 is a precipitation-hardened aluminum alloy, containing magnesium and silicon as its major alloying elements. Originally called "Alloy 61S", it was developed in 1935. It has good mechanical properties, exhibits good weldability, and is very commonly extruded (second in popularity only to 6063). It is one of the most common alloys of aluminum for general-purpose use.

Metric (millimeter) bolt and nut substitutions will be allowed in accordance with these tables. No substitution will be allowed for any A325 bolts supplied under 715-14 and used for structural connections on bridges, unless approved by the DCES. A-325 TYPE 3 A-449 TYPE 1 DIAM < 1.5" DIAM > 1.5" A-354 GRADE BD A-490 TYPE 1 A194 GRADE 2H

An extensive range for any job large or small, on site or at home. There are variety of bolt types used for different applications depending on what you are trying to achieve. Bolts are tightened usually by using a socket, wrench or screwdriver, so have a variation of head types.

Proti Motorcycle Bolts PROTI has offered bolts to the motorcycle industry since 2012, and now aims to help gram-counting cyclists save weight as well.The company claims that by forging the titanium super alloy, it has created a strong yet ultralight bolt. It calls this process FFR for "Fully Forged for Racing."

General Tips. Metric screws are simply measured and the thickness is given in millimeters. The metric screw equivalent size is approximate, but since we’re heading that way, we need to learn and get used to them! By coincidence, the size of an imperial screw head also roughly equates to the gauge.