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The first thing to do when you are breastfeeding and have nipples that are bleeding or cracked is to identify what’s causing the damage and fix it, so that no additional harm is done. Then, you can focus on healing. Below are the mostly likely causes of cracked and bleeding nipples from pumping.

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The most common causes of bleeding or discharge from nipple are fibroadenoma, galactorrhea of unknown cause, and breast infection (mastitis). Other possible causes, such as pituitary disorder, are more rare.

Early Weaning: Sore, cracked, or bleeding nipples might make it so painful to nurse that you no longer want to continue to breastfeed. A Low Milk Supply: If you are breastfeeding less due to the pain, this could result in a decrease in your milk supply.

Nipple discharge may be caused by pregnancy, breastfeeding or a wide range of conditions, most of which are harmless or easily treated.

Sore nipples and sometimes nipple cracking with bleeding can occur when you first start nursing. find out more.

Bleeding from the nipple can be related to local trauma during aggressive sexual activity, breast cancer, and polyps in the breast ducts. If you have blood coming from the nipple, it is important to see a surgeon and get it evaluated just in case it is related to cancer.

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Bleeding from Nipple During Pregnancy Hormones that are responsible for making milk increase their production during pregnancy and lactation. Since the breast tissues require nutrients to produce more milk, blood supply to the breast is increased. This may lead to bleeding from nipple during pregnancy.

Bleeding from nipple. WebMD Symptom Checker helps you find the most common medical conditions indicated by the symptoms bleeding from nipple including Nipple irritation and Mastitis (infectious)..

If your nipples are bleeding, it's usually temporary and will clear up on its own. Here are other symptoms to watch for and when to see your doctor.

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Bleeding nipples are usually a sign that there is a breastfeeding problem. During the first few days of breastfeeding, mom might find some blood coming out with the breast milk but this is normal Supply