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This bike came in the shiny red color that was adored by the bike lovers around the world and it superseded the Massimo Tamburini designed Ducati 916, Ducati 996 and Ducati 998 range of superbikes in 2003.

999’s are one of the nicer Ducati’s ever built. Ride a nice S model and tell me it rides badly, and I’ll tell you that you know nothing about motorcycles. They didn’t win Superbikes for so many years without being an amazing platform to begin with. Ducati clutches last 20000klms no dramas if worked hard, even a dry one.

Read this Road Test & review of the Ducati 999R and Honda RC51 Street Bikes, from the motorcycle experts at Motorcyclist Online.

Say what you may about its styling, the Ducati 999’s silhouette is iconic and recognizable at nearly any viewing angle. There’s just no mistaking a 999 when you see one.

The ducati 999 superseded the Massimo Tamburini designed Ducati 916, Ducati 996 and Ducati 998 range of superbikes in 2003, and was produced through 2006. This motorcycle enjoyed great success in World Superbike, and was raced in the series through the 2007 season, despite no longer being produced, pending rules changes by the series’ governing body, FIM, to allow competition of the new Ducati.

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MCN’s Marc Potter has just stepped off Ducati’s new 999 superbike at the world’s first test in Misano, Italy. We’ll bring you a full 10-page report in MCN out on July 24. In the meantime, here are his.

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The 999 didn’t win so many hearts, but it won a lot of races. The 1098 has us weak at the knees but can it perform? Dukes go head-to-head in Spain. The last few years have been tough for Ducati. Sales of the 999 have been disappointing, and being a high-end marque in a declining bike market is a.

In the latest issue of MCN, out Wednesday October 2, there’s a very special interview with Pierre Terblanche, father of Ducati’s 999. In it he claims the new bike is " twice as good as the 998 " . So,

Click to view: Ducati 999 & 749 owners reviews, specs and image galleries. Sometimes the big boys do get it wrong. There’s no shortage of folk who’d claim the 749 and 999 family of Ducatis never had the visual appeal of the instantly iconic 916/748 family these bikes replaced. A few tweaks, some.