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Buy OEM Parts for Kawasaki, Motorcycle, 1996, GPZ 1100 – ZX1100-E2

"The GPz1100 engine is a close brother to the ZZR motor, so there is plenty of power to be had. Kawasaki has many brother engines. For example, the ZRX is also very similar to the GPz; it has.

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GPZ1100 A 1983-1985 zx1100 fuel tank Lock NOS oem kawasaki 27016-5058 rare See more like this Kawasaki KZ1000A/j BK/ C/P E R M Ninja ZX1000 1200 EBC CK Clutch Kit (fits: 1983 kawasaki gpz1100) fast, FREE SHIPPING!

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The 1981 GPz1100 was the first 1,100 cc motorcycle released by Kawasaki. It was officially marketed as the GPz1100 B1. Its frame design was a typical cradle design and the engine was based on the earlier Mk2 engines of the z1000H and z1000J, but the engine capacity was increased to 1,089 cc..

Kawasaki GPZ1100: history, specifications, images, videos, manuals. Specifications DIMENSIONS Overall length 2230 mm / 87,8 in Overall width

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The bike is a strong runner.it has 19,049 miles i put 11,283 needs battery and clutch adjustment and fresh gas been sitting for 3 years.current registration.less than 1500 miles on chain,tires,front fork seals, rear shocks.cleaned rear hub, 4 to 1 header, lined fuel tank.

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1981-1982 Kawasaki GPZ1100 Wiseco Single PistonsKAW KZ/GPZ11 1981-2 (K1136) 291

The Kawasaki GPZ1100 is heavy plus that weight’s carried quite high. The GPZ1100 can feel a bit of a handful at walking pace but get moving and it carries itself with amazing poise.

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Transmission input shaft complete with clutch for 1983-84 GPz1100 (ZX1100A) and ZN1100B, VGC, $179. NEW oversize valve guides, +0.002, 2 each intake and exhaust, $8 each 1000 finned exhaust collars, holes for 8mm stud head, $45 set set of oversize valves for cams with 1.0 inch base circle, $99 set of 8 valves. USED WISECO P1200 piston set.