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Additionally, even if the forks are not removed from the dirt bike, it is still a good idea to occasionally loosen the triple clamp pinch bolts, axle pinch bolts (or nuts), and the axle itself and then re-tighten the triple clamp bolts, the axle pinch bolts (or nuts), and the axle itself as outlined below, as this will reduce the stress on the forks internals and allow the forks to realign in the triple clamps, and this is especially true if you’re known for crashing or tagging trees.

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Loosen the fork pinch bolts on the top and bottom of the Steering Stem or Triple Tree. On some makes there is no top pinch bolt. The forks are held to the top mount by the same bolt that also keeps the fork spring in. This bolt is under a lot of tension and can pop loose as you unscrew it, hit you in the chin and give you stitches.

The sag on a motorcycle is affected by the weight of. They have a plastic lock nut with a pinch bolt. To adjust, begin by. After Flach died from injuries suffered in a motorcycle accident, two other retirees. Once the wheels were in position, Garry B cut some one-inch threaded rod to length for the pinch bolts, and.

The mirror or pinch bolt mount consists of 85mm * 25mm base with 11mm / 0.43in hole, 45mm / 1.77in height. This mount is often used on motorcycles, attaching to the mirror frame. And it also fit for the bike of brand BMW.

The bolt that aligns the clip on (under the plastic caps on the upper triple clamp) with the Triple clamp is package seperatly. The bikes that are being found with the pinch bolts loose are ones the "Dealer" is only installing the alignment bolt and failing to torque the pinch bolts.

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To remove the axle, loosen up the axle pinch bolts with your adjustable wrench. Once the axle pinch bolts are loose, jack the bike up a bit more to make it easier.

The ZETA shocks bolt into the stock. mounts and secured via pinch bolts. The last item on the list is to install the striker pads on the axle tubes, and the system is complete. A long day of work.