Four members of the Polish death metal band decapitated are accused of kidnapping a Washington state concertgoer while on its "Double Homicide" tour. Cops in California busted the bandmates early.

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A discussion started in 2001 but continuing through 2018. 2001. Q. Could you please advise me on how to polish aluminum motorcycle frames and rims and tools needed and what type of sandpaper to use to get chrome-like finish, and stripper to strip lacquer coating. Thanks greatly, William N [last name deleted for privacy by Editor]

The alleged victim called cops about “an incident” after the band’s concert in Spokane, Washington state The bandmates who make up the group Decapitated – identified as Michal Lysejko, 27, Waclaw.

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Polishing Your Aluminum. Apply a commercial aluminum polish or anodized aluminum polish to the aluminum surface. This is your final polish. Squeeze a dollop of the polish onto a soft cloth and and rub it in circular motions across the surface. If you de-anodized the aluminum, use a standard aluminum polish, not an anodized aluminum polish.

SPOKANE, WA – Police in Santa Ana, Calif., arrested four members of the Polish death metal band Decapitated over the weekend on charges of first-degree kidnapping. But court records obtained by the.

How to polish Aluminum "THE RIGHT WAY" – DC Super Shine. Once the machine work is done. you want to use a liquid metal polish I use pro-40 and white diamond those are the 2 that I’ve found give the best finish and shine. always use cotton flannel sheets on tanks and flat surfaces any other surface plain cotton rags will work.

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