Grade 5 bolts are case hardened. This means that the outside part of the bolt has been hardened but that the bolt was not heated enough to harden the inside portion. This creates a bolt that is fairly hard but not as brittle as a fully hardened bolt. Grade 5 bolts are the most common bolts found in automotive applications. Grade 5 bolts have 3.

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OK, in “The Natural” it was epically exploding stadium lights and just a few bolts of actual lightning. is also known as a millennial anti-car theft device.” North Side grade school teacher Tiffiny.

The higher the ISO numbers are, the stronger the bolt. A metric bolt designated as ISO class 6.8 roughly corresponds in strength to an SAE Grade 2 bolt. Bolts of ISO class 8.8 and the slightly stronger class 9.8 roughly correspond to an SAE Grade 5 bolt. An ISO Class 10.9 bolt roughly corresponds to an SAE Grade 8 bolt.

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Resources for nuts, bolts, screws and related fasteners for motorcycles (bottom of page), including titanium, anodized, stainless steel, metric and more. If you have a tip on a good online source of fasteners that sells in small lot sizes, please send it to Don’t forget.

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US Bolts: Head Marking Grade and material nominal size range (inches) Mechanical Properties ; Proof Load (psi) min. yield strength (psi) Min. Tensile Strength

A minor mistake such as thread pitch will send you back to the store, but a major one like using a Grade 2 zinc bolt where a Grade 8 is needed can lead to a dangerous situation. Make sure you have the right fastener for the job using this common automotive fasteners guide.

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