metric screw thread chart metric tap Size Tap Drill (inches) clearance drill (inches) m1.6 x 0.35 #55 (0.052) #50 (0.070) M1.8 x 0.35 #53 (0.057) #48 (0.0.76) M2 x 0.4 #52 (0.063) #45 (0.082) M3 x 0.5 #39 (0.0995) 1/8 (0.125) m3.5 x 0.6 #32 (0.116) #28 (0.140).

M6 means six mm in diamater, you still need to know the thread pitch (and of course length and head typ) to get anywhere though. The most typical thread pitch for a M6 screw would be 1.0. You can buy a thread pitch gauge for cheap if need be, othewise if you have a screw to match up go to the store and just lay the threaded portion of new.

Metric Tap Size Chart Tap size Diameter (in) Diameter (mm) Thread count (TPI) Thread pitch (mm) Tap drill size M1x0.2 0.0394 1.0000 ~127 0.200 0.8 mm

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For the M6 screws you will be using the original square nuts from the lathe. It is a customizer, so if you like you can.

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The number "12" is simply a size designator with no numerical meaning. The number "24" refers to 24 threads per inch. You can identify a 12-24 screw by measuring the diameter with a ruler at slightly less than 7/32 (slightly larger than 3/16 or 0.210). M6 Threads. M6 refers to a metric 6mm screw.

Except the thread size doesn’t define the size of the tool used.. As an aside. many bolts on a bike are m6. bottle cage, shifter and brake lever clamps more commonly M5. Posted 8 years ago.

The recommended metric drill bit size for each class of clearance hole is shown in calculation results. The calculator also shows nearest substitute inch drill bit size for metric fasteners. This calculator was developed by using the charts which are given in the ASME B18.2.8-1999 – " Clearance holes for bolts, screws and studs" standard.

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