The Young’s modulus of mild steel is 210. Young’s modulus refers to the stiffness of a material and is used as one of its characteristics. Named after Thomas Young, a 19th century scientist from Britain, the Young’s modulus is used to compare the elastic properties of materials, such as mild steel.

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What must be the diameter of the steel wire if it is stretched to the same distance as the aluminum wire so that the 2 wires maintain equal lengths after the masses are attached? Use Young’s modulus.

It is convenient to express the elasticity of a material with the ratio stress to strain, a parameter also termed as the tensile elastic modulus or Young’s modulus of the material – usually with the symbol – E.. Young’s modulus can be used to predict the elongation or compression of an object.

Think of Young’s Modulus as the material’s “spring rate,” just as in motorcycle suspension. The clear winner among metals is beryllium, weighing less than a quarter what steel weighs, but with a.

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Young’s modulus (E or Y) is a measure of a solid’s stiffness or resistance to elastic deformation under load. It relates stress (force per unit area) to strain (proportional deformation) along an axis or line.The basic principle is that a material undergoes elastic deformation when it is compressed or extended, returning to its original shape when the load is removed.

w w w . a u t o s t e e l . o r g What is the "Real" Young’s Modulus of Steel? R. H. Wagoner1,2, Z. Chen2 1R. Wagoner, LLC 2The Ohio State University

The change of Young's modulus accompanying tensile deformation was investigated for an anisotropic high-strength cold-rolled steel sheet with a high Young's.

Coming back to our comparison of elasticity of steel and rubber, let us understand it in terms of Young’s modulus. For the same stress, the strain of steel is lesser as compared to that of rubber. Hence, the stress/strain ratio is higher for steel. In essence, the Young’s modulus of steel is more than the Young’s modulus of rubber.